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 At the forefront of keeping people connected & secure

Bright Solutions offers our customers cutting-edge low voltage and fiber optic services, that ensure secure and efficient data communication for a variety of markets.

They provide a diverse suite of systems, featuring access control (Identicard®, Openpath), refined audio technologies (Bose®, Bogen®), and advanced tele-entry platforms (2N, Aiphone®), all backed by detailed CAD designs (BIM AutoCAD, Revit®) and dependable healthcare communication systems (Vision Link®). 

Additionally, their expertise encompasses extensive Wi-Fi networks (Ubiquiti®, Ruckus®), structured cabling infrastructures (Legrand®, Leviton®), surveillance systems (Hanwha, Hikvision®), critical emergency response systems (Talkaphone, Autocall, Silent Knight®), signal enhancement solutions (Honeywell), and smart lighting controls (Leviton).

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